International Fairs Directory and Expo Guide

Please note that a number of our exhibitors have been receiving correspondence from the two companies above, who are NOT associated with QD Events Ltd and are known to target exhibitors of large shows and events, sending communications that appear to be legitimately related to the show.  Our advice is to IGNORE any correspondence you may receive from them.  They will write to you and include a booking form headed with the name of the show you're exhibiting at, which would appear to be from the show organiser.

This asks you to confirm certain basic details, stating it is related to a show listing or advertisement in a Showguide or similar. The small print at the bottom informs you that you are signing a 3 year contract for the purchase of advertising space for which you will be invoiced.  There are a number of addresses used for this scam, predominantly Mexico or Uruguay.

If you sign and respond to this form, you will be sent invoices for your "advertisement", followed by increasing demands for payment. This subsequent invoice is typically not branded with the show or organiser logo or name.

As a business, we are members of the Association of Event Organisers (AEO) who have a link on their website, with a bit more information about this scam.  Click here to find out more -