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IDEA: let’s create the greatest wedding movie of all time! Let’s cast it with all your friends and family. We’ll do it unscripted, like Curb. We’re going to make something with the nostalgic power of a VHS copy of E.T. - and we’ll make sure that it’s truly, fundamentally you, whether you’re a Han Solo, or whether you’re more Napoleon Dynamite. Yes we’ll shoot all the romantic stuff, for sure... Obviously this wedding film is going to need the epic romance between two lovestruck humans, etc. We’ll definitely put a lot of that lush stuff in - but maybe we won’t go too posed or contrived, or cheesy? ...but especially, we’ll shoot the epic party scenes! I get the sense you’re going to have one hell of a good time at this thing. So let’s make sure we get into the thick of it, and shoot loads of party footage. That’s definitely my kind of wedding film. You’ll actually want to rewatch this wedding video. Promise. We’re aiming high for this. The goal is to create a wedding film that you want to keep going back to for the rest of your life. And here’s why it’s going to be your favourite wedding film of all time: it’s going to be stacked with faces you love, it’ll have the funny bits left in, and it’ll feel more like a music video than a livestream of a church service. We're going to be standing at 412C so if you want to come over and have a chat about how we can help capture the biggest party of your life so you can bring it out at every family home movie night in the years to come!

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Don't know what you want your highlights to look like? Have a gander at these and come at me with your questions at the show! THE HOOTENANNY - The works! A 10-12 minute feature of your wedding which thoroughly covers each part of your day on top of a soundtrack that will get your toes tapping. The perfect choice for those who want to sit down, get comfortable, munch popcorn and relive their wedding day in style! THE BELTER - A hearty main! The most popular Collection and guaranteed to be a BELTER! This 5-6 minute highlight film takes audio from the Ceremony and Speeches and narrates the film through the story of the day on top of a kick ass soundtrack! It’s also the perfect length to stuff the best bits of the day into! THE SHINDIG - A taster! This is an awesome 3-4 minute musical montage of the very best bits of your wedding day. This is perfect for those who want to enjoy looking back at their wedding day as if it’s a feature on MTV. This option is great to share with your friends and family on Social Media too!

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