MacGregor and MacDuff Kilt Makers

Stand Number: G30

Established in 1979 in Glasgow, MacGregor and MacDuff are renowned for creating modern designs using traditional kiltmaking skills and techniques passed down and refined through generations of kiltmaking. With over 4,000 tartans and the unique MacGregor and MacDuff Mist Collection, you'll be spoiled for choice when buying or hiring one of their kilts. They infuse popular traditions, offering luxurious authentic Highlandwear that stands out from the crowd to suit any taste, style, size and budget. MacGregor and MacDuff have a dedicated Wedding Party Coordinator who will work with you on the lead up to your wedding. Their coordinator will walk you through all of the logistics of organising your kilt outfits, so you can concentrate on planning the perfect day.

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39 - 41 Bath Street
G2 1 HW