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Congratulations on your engagement. My name is Cookie, and if the stars align, I'll be photographing one of the best days of your life. You'll have a lengthy to-do list ahead of you, and at times it will feel overwhelming, but guess what? The story has a happy ending: you are marrying your favourite person. And it doesn't get much happier than that. For me, there is nothing more powerful or more wonderful than love. I’m an Aussie, and love is such a splendid thing that it brought me all the way from the sunburnt south to the frozen north, just to marry my favourite Glaswegian. My photography is passionate, artistic, raw, colourful, romantic, honest, unique, emotional, and beautiful. In 50 years time I want you to be able to look back at your wedding album and smell those fresh flowers, taste that perfect cake, and tap your feet to the rhythm of that unforgettable first dance. True love doesn’t need any "stand here" or "look over there” direction... it’s so magical that it just happens, right in front of my lens. My job is to blend into the crowd and capture all the little (and the big) moments of your amazing day.

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