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Every Little Legs baby kilt is handcrafted and made to order. You can choose from one of our stock tartans or, if you prefer a specific tartan to match a family member we can supply that too. Little Legs Baby Kilts offers a range of accessories including sporrans, flashes, shirts, waistcoats and bow ties. Girls pinafore dresses and tartan trews are also now available. We cater for ages 0-5 years, and are always happy to discuss your requirements with you. If you are thinking of incorporating hand fasting in to your ceremony we would be honoured to be part of your big day by providing you with the perfect tartan hand fasting cloth. It’s the perfect tradition to start and could become a family heirloom. We also stock fabric by the half metre here.

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Newly launched! Tweed Waistcoats and tartan trews.

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Bespoke handmade kilts for babies and toddlers.


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