The Rays

Stand Number: 427H
Entertainment Music

The Rays are a young and fresh wedding band that everyone is raving about. Outstanding male and female led vocals from two ultra talented singers give them a unique sound. Each song is delivered in style, covering a variety of songs from Calvin Harris to Christina Perri and Adele to ABBA. Oozing talent and enthusiasm every time, The Rays will blow you away!

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Entry Only tickets, Catwalk Fashion Show (add-on tickets) and VIP tickets are available.  Entry only tickets give admission to the show only.  A zero value ticket must be purchased for children visiting the show.  If you want to visit one of the Catwalk Fashion Shows, you will have to purchase a Catwalk Fashion Show (add-on ticket), in addition to the Entry Only ticket - this also applies to children who will be occupying a seat.  VIP tickets include admission to the Catwalk Fashion Show, therefore an additional Catwalk Fashion Show ticket does not need to be purchased on top of this ticket.

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