Our fool-proof guide to pre-wedding grooming for husband-to-be

Posted: 24th Sep

Gone are the days when pampering trends and grooming were reserved for brides; grooms want to feel and look just as amazing on their big days.

Recently there’s been an explosion in male grooming and it’s no surprise that barbershops are the fastest growing businesses on the UK high-street, with huge numbers popping up in Scotland too.

It can be easy for husbands-to-be to feel overwhelmed in the lead up to their weddings with so many things to consider. From choosing the right cut to tackling that unruly beard, there are lots of crucial things for grooms to take into account so they can dazzle at the bottom of the aisle.

To help grooms across Scotland, we spoke to Joanne Woods, Manager at the iconic King’s Barbers who shared her secrets and top tips from years of experience in getting Glasgow groomsmen and their mops ready for their big days.

Here’s what she said…

Key trends to come

Joanne: As for Scotland’s wedding scene at the moment, it’s all about the skin fade for grooms. A skin fade is gradient haircut where the hair is cut shorter and shorter as it goes down the neck – essentially fading into the skin. I’ve done 30 haircuts in a day and every single one was a skin fade. The days of short back and sides are now gone and it looks like skin fades are here to stay.

Although it may all be about skin fades at the sides, the tops change a lot from groom to groom. A crop is one of the most popular styles we are seeing at the moment. It’s really short on top with a poker straight fringe at the front.

We’re definitely moving away from the quiff that has been everywhere over the last few years for looks that fall down and across the face. It’s a more natural look and definitely easier for guys to manage on wedding days.

Play it safe

Joanne: I would suggest a hair trial a couple of weeks beforehand to find the perfect style for each man. It’s important to always ensure grooms have the best barber to suit their hair type and always choose one they know well before the big day, even more so if they don’t end up having a trial.

We would always advise grooms to play it safe and not get their hair cut directly before the wedding on the same morning, and we would never advise to get it cut too short. Men hate change and the last thing a partner needs is to see their husband with an awful or unexpected haircut on the big day. 

On the morning

Joanne: We get grooms coming in for advice all the time. We’re now seeing guys getting blow-dries done on the morning of the wedding because they can’t style it as well themselves. Booking a blow-dry on the morning of the big day is a fabulous idea because most men struggle to make it look how the barber does so it takes away the stress. Some days I’m in the shop doing wedding hair from 7:45am.

I would never suggest a hot towel shave on the morning of the wedding if it’s not something the groom is used to and has regularly. Most men like to do this on the wedding morning but it’s not great at all, as it can cause the skin to break out. 

Make it an occasion

Make-up sessions, hairdressers and champagne mornings have long been an essential part in the whole wedding experience for years. There’s no reason why grooms can’t join in on the fun too and put pampering themselves at the centre of the morning rituals.

Joanne: We’re looking to start a ‘Get Groomed’ exclusive wedding package for the whole wedding party. It’s a real go-to-town event with drinks and cigars, making it really special for the guys on the morning too.

A groom definitely values hair as much as a bride does and they want the latest style. I have some boys that come in every three days worrying their hair isn’t right! Most customers visit Kings Barbers once a week or every fortnight. Grooms are definitely just as obsessed with getting it right as us girls.

Joanne will be at The Scottish Wedding Show on October 12-13 at the SEC, Glasgow showcasing her razor-sharp skills and sharing more of her expertise.

She will be joined by a host of other amazing exhibitors there to help the modern groom on the lead up to their big day such as Gilt Edged Menswear, Hector Russell Kiltmakers and Slater Menswear.