Quirky Wedding Favours

Posted: 16th Feb

Everyone wants to give their wedding guests a small token to take away as a thank you for coming along and celebrating their big day with them. There are such a wide variety of options to choose from that can easily be tied into your colour scheme, theme or personality – you just need to get creative and find something that works for you! If you’re looking for something a little different, here are our top 5 choices for quirky wedding favours to gift your guests.


Custom temporary tattoos
Get your guests inked so they never forget your big day - or at least temporarily with self-apply tattoos! You can get really creative with the design of these, with different options to mix things up. A portrait of the happy couple and the date is one of our favourite choices and will give your guests something to remember you by in days following the wedding!


Personalised shot glasses
These will certainly be able to serve a purpose at the reception and plenty of other good times after the wedding. Guests can use shot glasses printed with the bride and groom’s name and the wedding date for their intended purpose, or display them in their home as a reminder of the day. This is a widely available option online and is a must-have for couples who love to party!


Lottery tickets
Give your guests the chance to win big on your wedding day by giving out lottery tickets as favours – this could mean your big day is lucky for more than just the happy couple! Scratch cards are also a great option to inject some fun into your wedding, and who knows, if someone wins, they might even treat you to a gift with some of their winnings!


Personalised succulents
With the increased popularity of houseplants in recent years, this is a great token for wedding guests to take away and keep in their homes. Succulents are really easy to look after, so even guests who lack a green thumb should be able to enjoy having a living gift to take home with them. The pot itself can be personalised, but a plant label with whatever personalisation you wish works here too and is a fantastic eco-friendly option for intimate weddings.


Festival wristbands
This one is for the music lovers and works especially well if you’re planning a festival themed wedding. Personalised wristbands are the ultimate reminder of a fun filled day and gives your guests something to take away and keep to remember the day by. Wristbands are customisable by most suppliers, with eco-friendly options available as well, and adjustable straps will allow them to be suited to guests of all ages.  

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