TikTok Wedding Trends to Create on Your Big Day

Posted: 30th Sep

 ‘WeddingTok’ is huge right now, with bridal parties and guests joining in on the fun to create video reminders of the celebrations. In this blog we’ll take a look at the top TikTok wedding trends for you to create on your big day, sure to put a smile on your guests faces and possibly even go viral!

Princess Diaries trend

Credit to: @splorin.lauren

This is one for the 90s and 00s fans of the Princess Diaries series and involves recreating Mia’s iconic make-over scene.The TikTok trend takes inspiraton from the moment when Mia’s stylist Paolo conceals her behind two pictures of herself pre-make-over and moves them to reveal her pampered look, along with the line ‘Because only Paolo can take this, and this, and give you... a princess’. Now on TikTok, bridal parties are getting involved by printing cringey pictures of the bride when she was younger before moving them away to reveal her stunning bridal look.


Getting ready transition

Credit to: @kencradit


This trend set to Beyonce’s Freakum Dress shows the bride at various stages of getting ready. It starts with the bride in her pyjamas, then she playfully smacks the camera away as it transitions through her make-up and hair process along to the lyrics ‘Stop! I ain’t ready yet’ and ‘Wait! Let me fix my hair’. Finally, as the lyrics say, ‘I’m ready’, we see the bride in all her glory, dressed in her gown with her bridesmaids around her. This is a fun way to get your bridal party and make-up artist involved in some fun before the ceremony!

Bride reaction videos



Credit to: @lizvreitz and @k2_0111


With this trend, the groom and his groomsmen are captured as they react to seeing their partner walk down the aisle. Typically, the video begins with the groom’s party all facing the aisle then the bride appears off camera and the viewers see the groom’s emotional reaction to looking at their partner. In another version of the trend, someone captures the reactions of the wedding party when they first get a glimpse of the bride in her gown. The bridesmaids line up and wait for the bride to come in whilst someone stands at the side of the room, capturing their heartfelt reaction to seeing their loved one glammed up and ready to begin the celebrations. In yet another version, someone records the bride’s children as they see their mum walk down the aisle. This trend is a touching way to immortalise and replay these precious moments but have the tissues at the ready!


The almost dresses

Credit to: @chloeperron


This popular TikTok trend at the moment is to show your husband the dresses you almost bought and have him rate them. Sure to create some laughs, this is a fun way to reminisce and bond over the wedding. Choosing a dress can also be a very difficult process so this is a great opportunity to share the dresses that almost made it!


Yearbook challenge


Credit to: @bexandthecity8


This trend shows small clips of wedding party guests as they are that day before showing an old picture of them as a teenager. A wholesome and fun look back at your friends, this trend celebrates friendship, being there for each other’s big moments in life and growing old together. This may be another one for the tissues!



First drink vs. last drink trend

Credit to: @lovefrombelle_


The latest trend to sweep TikTok is this trend which shows clips of the bridal party and the guests introducing themselves as they drink their first drink of the night followed by a clip of them drinking their last drink of the night. As you can guess, most people are a bit tipsy after all the dancing, drinking and laughter throughout the day which makes for a funny memento of your wedding party. The informal compilation allows the personality of everyone at your wedding to shine through and makes an excellent keepsake for the future to look back on.