How to Include Your Dog at Your Wedding: 6 Helpful Tips

Posted: 11th Aug

When it comes to your wedding day, it's only natural to want to include all your loved ones, and that includes your four-legged companions. Bringing your dog to your wedding can add an extra touch of joy, spontaneity, and an abundance of heartwarming moments. In this blog, we'll explore how including your furry friend in your wedding can make your special day even more unforgettable.

Personalized Paws in Your Ceremony

Imagine your loyal pup donning a dapper bowtie or a floral collar, trotting down the aisle with a ring pillow attached to their harness. Including your dog in your ceremony as a ring bearer or flower pup can be a heart-melting moment that captures the essence of your bond.

Photo Opportunities

Dogs have an incredible ability to bring out genuine smiles and laughter. Incorporating your dog into your wedding photos can lead to some of the most candid and heartwarming shots. Whether it's a playful chase on the lawn or a snuggle during a quiet moment, these images will become cherished memories.
two french bulldogs at wedding

Unique Wedding Attire

Why not pamper your furry friend with their own special wedding attire? From a mini tuxedo to a custom-designed dress, your dog can make a fashion statement that complements the overall theme of your wedding.
small black and brown dog with tuxedo for wedding

Professional Pet Handlers

Enlisting the help of a professional pet handler can ensure that your dog is well-behaved and comfortable throughout the event. They can handle introductions, ensure your dog is calm during the ceremony, and even take care of them during the reception. One of our exhibitors, Woof Woof Weddingsprovides pet care & chaperone services for those who want to include their pet at their wedding. You can speak to them at stand G66 at the October Show.

two white dogs on wedding photoshoot

Pet-Friendly Treats and Favors
Incorporate your dog into the wedding favours by offering treats for both the human and canine attendees. Consider having a dedicated pet-friendly treat station, complete with water bowls and snacks.
pet treats as a wedding favour

A Heartfelt Tribute
For couples who may have lost a beloved pet, incorporating their memory into the ceremony can be a touching tribute. A photo display or a moment of silence can honour their place in your hearts.

Whether they're walking down the aisle, stealing the spotlight in photos, or simply sharing in your joy, your dog's presence will infuse your special day with unparalleled warmth and authenticity. After all, they've been a part of your journey, and having them by your side on this significant day is a beautiful reflection of the bond you share.