Trendy Wedding Colours for 2021

Posted: 27th Apr

Have you chosen a colour scheme for your wedding? Curating a wedding colour palette can help bring out other aesthetic elements in the decor and set the tone for the special day. One of the best ways to do this is to draw inspiration from the season in which you’re holding your wedding.

No matter the time of year, there are numerous ways to highlight the beauty of the season. This can help create a celebratory mood that will make your big day impossible to forget. Using inspiring mood boards from Zola, we’ll walk you through several clever ways to plan your wedding colours in any season.

Vibrant Spring Pastels

Springtime weddings encourage bright pastel colours and gorgeous floral arrangements. Warm and light shades of floral colours like green, pink, and purple carry elements of love and new beginnings that represent the spring season. Silver and gold bring out the sparkle and elegance of a classy springtime wedding, and they can help bring out the brightness of those other floral shades.

One of the most gorgeous pastels to incorporate into a spring wedding is the colour peach. Peach combines well with gold and soft cream hues. It also adds a pop of colour to floral arrangements and table decor for outdoor weddings. Consider using different shades of peach to create a gorgeous ombré effect in the bridal party’s attire. Plus, you can have fun with the theme by incorporating the actual fruit into the wedding cuisine. Light desserts like peach cobbler and cupcakes are a great start!

Summer Brights and Blues

Many enjoy a summer wedding because it allows for versatility. Since we associate summer with sunshine and beachy vibes, bright colours like blue, gold, and pink can make perfect foundations in your wedding’s colour scheme. Adding in gold or more neutral shades of pink and white can add a sense of elegance to the wedding’s aesthetic.


Lighter shades of blue, such as turquoise, are great for the bridesmaids and groomsmen’s attire, and the bride-to-be can incorporate her “something blue” into her ensemble with light blue heels. Combine these blues with a warmer colour like yellow or lime to bring out radiant natural elements in your summer wedding decor.


Natural Fall Shades

Autumn is one of the most colourful times of year, and the warmer colours that we associate with it provide endless possibilities for wedding themes. Mix deeper reds, oranges, and browns to bring a rustic and woodsy feel to your big day. Dark, rust-like hues can add a bohemian flair and look fantastic against an outdoor backdrop.

Warm shades of orange, such as marmalade and cantaloupe, are useful to incorporate in floral arrangements. Also, other things we typically associate with fall season are pumpkins and leaves on the ground. Use these to your advantage when setting up table decor, invitations, and photoshoot props.

Cool Winter Tones

Though we tend to associate winter with dreary weather and neutral tones, certain colour combinations create a beautiful wonderland of a wedding. When it comes to winter aesthetics, softer shades of classic holiday blues, greens, and golds can add a traditional charm to any wedding. Purple and black have a unique regalness that will make your wedding day a classy winter affair.

Dark shades of red will add warmth and coziness to your decor, especially in the floral arrangements. Incorporate roses with mistletoe accents into your centerpieces and photoshoots to enhance the holiday love in the air. Red makes a bold colour for wedding attire, but it offers a stylish way to enhance the traditional white bridal wear, especially with snowfall!

winter wedding colors

Using seasonal themes as a foundation is a great way to get started in your wedding planning process. For more ideas and wedding planning tips, keep an eye on our blog and social channels for inspiration and wedding show updates.