What your wedding cake says about you

Posted: 2nd Sep

Showcasing a wedding cake that reflects the couple has become a monumental part of any wedding celebration. Traditionally, the bride would cut the cake and pass it out amongst the guests but as weddings increased in size, this became a difficult and time-consuming task for just one person! Grooms started to assist their partner and over time, cutting the cake together took on a new meaning.

Not only a perfect photo op, cutting the cake symbolises the first task as a married couple and is thought to bring luck to the couple and their guests. Wedding cakes have also become a fun opportunity for newlyweds to express their creativity to their family and friends. With that in mind, here are some of our favourite cake trends and what they say about the happy couple.

Naked cakes for boho-chic couples

One of the biggest wedding cake trends of the 2010s, the rustic romance of naked cakes is here to stay. The look is created by layering cake and spreading a very thin amount of icing, something that Liggy’s Cakes does so well. These cakes typically have a lot of filling to compensate and ensure there is still plenty of flavour and moisture. Not only are they easy to add flowers and foliage to for a real au naturale effect, but the lack of thick icing also means the flavours of the sponge can take centre stage. This cake says you are a creative, boho-chic couple whose wedding will be as Insta-worthy as it will be fun.

Image credit: Liggy’s Cakes

Tiered cakes for couples who want the WOW factor

The conventional cake we all think of when we imagine a wedding is typically a fruit cake dressed in marzipan and icing, displayed in at least three layers. Traditionally, the attendees of a wedding are represented through the three layers. The bottom layer is given to guests to eat or take home, the middle tier is for those who were unable to attend the wedding, and the top tier is saved for the couple. Now, with wedding celebrations becoming bigger and better, it’s popular to have as many layers as the couple dares! Cakes-n-Crafts in Glasgow make stunning tiered wedding cakes, perfect for those looking to make a statement on their big day. These gorgeous cakes say that you are a sophisticated couple who love the luxurious things in life, and your wedding will be remembered for years to come!

Image credit: Cakes-n-Crafts

Novelty cakes for couples who love to have fun

From Harry Potter to Marvel to Glastonbury, novelty cakes tell the story of what a couple bond over and what they love. Usually, these themed cakes have numerous layers, with each layer depicting something different using colourful icing, fun figures, or quirky cake toppers. Adorning your wedding cake with your favourite movies, books or past time is bound to wow your guests for years to come, and Jappacakes in Lanark is a go-to destination for this kind of funky dessert. This kind of cake is for the non-traditional couple who want their event to be a true celebration of the romance, friendship and most importantly FUN in their relationship! Your big day will likely be bursting with personal touches and fun mementos of your journey together so far.

Image credit: Jappacakes

Pet-themed cakes for the pet pawrents

For the couple who want to celebrate not only their love for each other, but their love for the fur baby in their life, pet cakes can be the best of both worlds. If you have always dreamed of something classic and ethereal on your wedding day but still want to put a twist on tradition, adding a mini version of your pet tells your guests that you know how to walk the line between serious and fun. For those who want to put their pet at the centre of their day, why not go all out and get a full wedding cake created that’s inspired by them? If they’re not allowed at your venue, this is a fun way to get them involved, and For Goodness Cakes in Glasgow will help bring your vision to life. These fun cakes say that you don’t take yourselves too seriously, and we bet your wedding will be the best time for all involved.

Image credit: For Goodness Cake

Hand-painted cakes for the creative couples

Hand painted cakes are easy to customise and retain a more delicate feel than novelty cakes which commonly use thicker layers of icing. These works of art can depict anything from vivid sunsets and intricate underwater scenes to delicate and simple flowers or a farmyard seen, as demonstrated by the incredible Marie-Claire Cakes in Motherwell. These cakes say you are bold and adventurous couple who want to have a totally unique dessert and will lend an eccentric sense of fantasy and whimsy to your wedding day.


Image credit: Marie-Clare cake design

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