Your Questions on Outdoor Weddings Answered

Posted: 2nd Feb

In bonnie Scotland, there are plenty of outdoor venues to love and cherish on your wedding day. If you’re looking to add sentimentality and memorability to your big day, surround yourself in a beautiful landscape that has significance to you and your partner’s relationship.

However, saying your vows al-fresco does raise a few concerns and questions, which we have rounded up and answered for you:


What about the weather?

What about it? We live in Scotland, so naturally, we encourage you to embrace the elements and let it add character to your day. Get wedded in windy weather or rendezvous at a rainy altar–it makes for a great story and some perfect pictures.

However, for those less willing to pass over control to Mother Nature, we encourage you to select your outdoor venue with the recognition that the elements might not marry up to your expectations. As such, ensure that your venue has experience hosting outdoor events so that you feel comfy with their ability to deliver your wedding to the standard you’ve hoped for.

A functional element you might need to consider when thinking about the weather is whether your marquee or tent has side walls – we think you’re better safe than sorry! Also, if it’s been raining, the ground might be muddy, and your guests in high heels might be thankful for some flooring, whether that be carpet, some hay, or tile mats.


Is it harder to find vendors for outside weddings?

Fortunately, most suppliers are just keen to accept the business, and an outdoor wedding would be water off a duck’s back for them as they will have done this many times before.

However, ensure when you are sourcing suppliers–whether that be a celebrant, band, photographer, or anything at all-that you are upfront about your desire to get married open-air. They will need to ensure they are prepared with generators, suitable clothing, and any weather-resistant supplies they may require to provide their service. This is particularly true for photographers, as their lighting must be suitable for the venue they are photographing in.

When it comes to catering, there are plenty of options for outdoor food and drink; you can get creative here! Whether you choose to have a wood-fired pizza oven, a bao bun stand, or an ice cream van. If you expect a boozy wedding, opt for a provider that possesses a liquor licence and can manage the stocking and serving of drinks on your day to eliminate one stress from your busy day.


How do you decorate for an outdoor wedding?

Remember to consider the natural landscape of your venue. If your backdrop is full of luscious greens, a yellow or purple might be too garish and contrast with the natural beauty of the scenery. Perhaps consider a more neutral palette of greys, browns, and beiges. We also recommend avoiding too many small trinket-like decorations and instead opting for more permanent and weather-resistant features.

If you’re considering an outdoor Scottish wedding, another thing to consider is bugs, so we advise scent-scaping your wedding with repellent scents including sage, lavender, peppermint, geranium, lavender, and lemongrass. The last thing you want is for uninvited guests to join the wedding party!


Am I forgetting anything?

When sending out your invitation, make sure your guests understand that it is an outdoor wedding. Scotland’s weather is unpredictable and often harsh, so your guests will want to dress appropriately.

We also advise booking your venue earlier than we would for indoor weddings, as fewer venues offer this service, so the competition is higher for those looking to get married in the great outdoors.

Where should I book?

Our top pick is Gleddoch Golf & Spa Resort, just a 20-minute’ drive from Glasgow. This Port Glasgow venue has riverside views and boasts indoor and outdoor spaces, meaning a weather contingency plan would be made easy here!

Located in the breath-taking Scottish countryside, Gleddoch Golf & Spa Resort offers the ability to have exclusive use of the hotel and its facilities for you and your guests to celebrate your special day.

You’re likely to want to have a minimoon at this grand venue, staying in one of their 75 boutique bedrooms post-wedding. Surrounding yourself in the perfectly manicured gardens, stunning golf course, and on-site spa, the stresses of your wedding will quickly become a distant memory.

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